Semantic Rules Change Rules for Blogs and Links

Semantic Rules Change Rules for Blogs and Links
Here is an example of how a small change in a short blog answer impacts semantic meaning.
Look at the second signature and you will see LinkedIN suddenly shows up under Books which sits on top of both answer signatures.
The spiders should be attracted to the “LinkedIN, Perspectives, Books” rather than the other signature.

Social Media, Children and Stories

Stories are at the core of who we are and how we interact with our families, communities and environment so I thought it would be good to explore stories and storytellers as part of the Marketstory blog.

My fascination and close relationship with stories started when I was five years old when I heard stories from my mother, father and family members.  Our family is rich in stories from our deep connection with our culture which acknowledge that knowledge is passed orally.  Many friends and associates that I have met in my world travels since then have similar experiences regardless of their cultural or religious backgrounds.  Indeed in the cities I have lived in my life I have seen huge leaps in the multi-cultural stories and identities available to us all.  Stories may be studied from many perspectives and I suggest that you start from your own family and cultural history.

Some things to consider as you study stories:

  •  How do they measure good or bad, time, perspectives and what happens when you read a story again?
  • Is there a reason behind the story?
  • Does the story have both a problem and answer or just one or the other?
  • Is the story meant to deliver a perspective to the reader or elicit a perspective from the reader?
  • Can you comfortably tell the story easily?