Leave Brain at Door

The story of how people leave their ‘brain at the door’ or lose their sensibilities.


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Wii Music Brains Apple!

Apple has reworked the Music distribution business model by controlling the ‘ears’ and the software ‘APPS’ or application business model by controlling the ‘eyes’.  Now comes the ‘BRAIN’ with GAMES or rather the brain on music?

But why would Apple combine music and gaming?  Wii Music.

Engagement, social interaction, fund.  Wii Music.  Up until now the Apple products, in my opinion are about the Lone Ranger.  Wii blew by them.

Will Apple catch up?  NO WAY!  🙂


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NeuroMarketing wins USA Election!

Neuromarketing as a concept is very old but has been brought to life in a new incarnation for the benefit of consultants selling their wares to motivated sellers, including politicians.  It is HOT, HOT, HOT.

In the old days they put Coke and Pepsi in two paper cups, asked someone to try both and say which they liked better.  Today they don’t believe the person but would rather stuff them in an MRI machine and determine which part of their brain is brighter to find out if they say what they really feel.

Last election did you see polsters nudging willing people into MRI machines, and what would they learn?

I am a storyteller and I know that many different stories can trigger the same response.  The stories can even be polar opposites like funny and sad.  How is this possible?  Pespective and measure provide an answer. 

Start with a perspective of a Persona or a mask made up of Stories and Processes.  Now let’s add a couple of extra elements–Software, Brand and Measure.  These five items are a tool I call the Story Lens.  Now consider than completely different stories may have different impacts across somebody’s Story Lens.  I am sure that it won’t take you much time to think of two stories in your life that cause the same reaction.

Jamming somebody into an MRI is being taken so seriously that Neuromarketing is being heavily promoted as a secret politcal weapon in the USA.

Gosh, I wish I had one of these when I was guessing the number of jelly beans in the jar.


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Neuroscience Marketing–does neuromarketing matter?

In the Minority Report with Tom Cruise advertising billboards talk directly to the brain and Buy-ology attempts to make you believe that MRI scanners can reveal the true feelings of people, not what they say, but what they truly feel.

What does this mean?  Well, in my view, old wine in new bottles.

GSK sponsored a survey done by BUYOLOGY that attempts to connect the excitement in the brain after it is stimulated with messages, scents and sounds in an attempt to determine how a person perceives a message.  One of the ‘stunning’ findings is that when there are different, congruent and simultaneous stimuli people will remember messages compared to almost no memory of traditional advertising.

Ho hum.  This is simply not as advanced as the findings a couple of thousand years ago by different cultures around the world. 

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