Educating Partners

Companies depend on Partner communities to help them serve their customers in competitive markets and the process of educating partners is often ignored.

Content is created from the perspective of the seller and pushed out to websites, media channels and search engines in an effort to ‘sell’.  But what about Partner communities?

Each partner and their communities have slightly different needs and perspectives that cannot be accomodated by content meant to serve all Partner Communities.  Consider the Story Lens which is a tools that helps provide multiple perspectives of how buyers and sellers measure success.

Once you understand what is important to your Partner Communities and then to individual partners then content may provided to suit inidividual partner need.  Is this difficult?

There are two ways to look at the ‘personalization’ or perspectives required to serve partner communities better:

  • Edit or repurpose Content
  • Facilitiate flexible navigation to Content

Content aggregators do the first, search and context engine work hard at the second.

SpeedSynch helps you align Content to Communities and Products to Customers, fast.




Leave Brain at Door

The story of how people leave their ‘brain at the door’ or lose their sensibilities.



Ocean Nutrition Takes Omega 3 Awareness to New Heights – Nutraceuticals World

Food and awareness, an interesting view.

Ocean Nutrition Takes Omega 3 Awareness to New Heights – Nutraceuticals World   Posted using ShareThis



Pasta-like Innovation

Have you noticed that new ‘innovation’ or rather companies hoping to create a product good enough to ‘IPO’ use Pasta-like Innovation?   They boil the pasta just long enough that when they throw it against the wall, it sticks.

This means doing everything quick and dirty.

You want to avoid this type of company and product as invariably INNOVATION is USER-DRIVEN, which simply means that three to six months after a user buys a product it knows more about it than the manufacturer.

If you doubt this look around and a huge myth should pop very quickly, the myth that says that companies innovate.