Combine Persona, Scenarios with Stories

Stories are the fuel that drive life and insight to where we are going is gained from understanding where we are and the stories that we can use to move forward.  Start with the Story Lens which will provide some context to working with stories and regardless whether you are a numbers person where numbers are the manifestation of stories or a story person you can benefit from understanding Personae and Scenarios.

Scenarios are groups of stories.  For numbers people stories are the numbers underneath financial forecasts and the core of the explanation of accounting variances.  For storytellers a scenario is a bucket of stories, not a workflow, interaction flow or even worse, sensitivity analysis.  Google Pierre Wack and SHELL and you will get the history of scenarios and why they are a little known tool. 

Now consider a persona mask that people wear or remove as needed, typically on stage, where each mask represents a group of stories and behaviours attributed to the wearer of the mask.

Stories are the common link between Scenarios and Persona.  Combining both provides a simple, clear and effective way to prepare for the future.  For those who want more and richer detail see the No 5 post.