Ultimate Cost Savings!

Ever since I joined the business world accountants have been cutting costs.  If you listen to accountants and the consultants who support them costs are out of control and there is plenty of fat to cut.  OK, I have heard this for almost thirty years now…well if the accountants were so good, why is it that they haven’t cut all the frills in such a long time?

As a fully recovered accountant let me say that the only conribution that they make is NO.  No we shouldn’t spend a nickle.  GASSSSSP…surely an accountant should be able to say YES?! 

NO.  They can only say NO or abstain.

Accountants can’t really say yes as there must be a recommendation made and they don’t make them.  They don’t recommend new products, new manufacturing processes or investments or new marketing campaigns.  They are on the back of the bus and either say…NO or abstain.

The ULTIMATE COST SAVINGS…cut accountants, use a calculator or a spread sheet.


Nick www.scenario2.com