Converting Sound to Electricity

The Science Alert story below tells the story of how sound can be used to generated electricity.  Stories work the same way.

Stories ‘align’ focus and resources to generate action.

Consider how a simple pitch-pipe is used by a choir master to get everyone aligned to the right note.

In 3D Avatars we work to understand the stories linked to products and employ content to get customers to the right space or place at the right time and give them the opportunity to act.  Have a look at the story, you will like it.

Taking on global warming’s ‘black beast’�(Science Alert).




Google Search

Media stories of late have talked up the stories of Google competitors making inroads into search.  Stories include the usual suspects; Yahoo, Microsoft as well as a ‘scientific upstart’, Wolfram.

As many challengers as Google may have, none of the  contenders, including Google, have done anything new for a considerable period of time.  Search, just like the mathematical variant that appears to be proposed by Wolfram, is in a backward facing reality.  These words were popular yesterday.

Google and others would have you believe that if you stake a claim in yesterdays fashion, you will win tomorrow.  On the other hand this statement would be considered absurd by almost every perveyor of fashion or any other product or service.  Yet when Google says it, everyone believes.

To those who belive I suggest two stories;  “The Emperor Has No Clothes” (gentle) and its original source “The Three Thieves” (raw & real).



CNO Chief NeuroScience Officer


Who is a CNO, a Chief NeuroScience Officer? 

How many corporations have a CNO, a Chief NeuroScience Officer?  As of today only ONE.

A CNO is not a fMRI or EEG operator, not a marketer–but what then?  Like any other dicipline the most common thing that is required to be successful is to be a…storyteller.

Chief NeuroScience Officer (CNO)

Chief NeuroScience Officer (CNO)


A CNO is responsible to tracking stories and numbers inside and outside of the enterprise and understanding the alignment needed to serve CUSTOMER PERSONAE.

In this Financial Crisis markets have changed, though stories are common to sellers and buyers.

In the diagram above notice that content (stories) influences processes and processes influence action.




If we want to serve our clients then ALIGNMENT of  Persona to our strategy is the objective and the STORY LENS is the tool.  A Persona represents buyers and our Strategy aligns our assets for profitable sales. 

  • A Persona mask helps us serve buyer needs ->ANALYTICS or numbers keep us on track.
  • A Strategy aligns our Enterprise assets to sell to Personae ->STORIES guide us.

BALANCE occurs where Description meets Perspective when using two common tools:

  • STRATEGY where Description trumps Prescription–>Clients know their business best
  • ANALYTICS where Perspective trumps Precision   –>Clients change so quickly that Precision kills.



Wii Music Brains Apple!

Apple has reworked the Music distribution business model by controlling the ‘ears’ and the software ‘APPS’ or application business model by controlling the ‘eyes’.  Now comes the ‘BRAIN’ with GAMES or rather the brain on music?

But why would Apple combine music and gaming?  Wii Music.

Engagement, social interaction, fund.  Wii Music.  Up until now the Apple products, in my opinion are about the Lone Ranger.  Wii blew by them.

Will Apple catch up?  NO WAY!  🙂



Ultimate Cost Savings!

Ever since I joined the business world accountants have been cutting costs.  If you listen to accountants and the consultants who support them costs are out of control and there is plenty of fat to cut.  OK, I have heard this for almost thirty years now…well if the accountants were so good, why is it that they haven’t cut all the frills in such a long time?

As a fully recovered accountant let me say that the only conribution that they make is NO.  No we shouldn’t spend a nickle.  GASSSSSP…surely an accountant should be able to say YES?! 

NO.  They can only say NO or abstain.

Accountants can’t really say yes as there must be a recommendation made and they don’t make them.  They don’t recommend new products, new manufacturing processes or investments or new marketing campaigns.  They are on the back of the bus and either say…NO or abstain.

The ULTIMATE COST SAVINGS…cut accountants, use a calculator or a spread sheet.



Once Upon a Market

Once upon a time a market, bazzaar or souk was a place where people traded, bought and sold goods.  Today many markets are needed to support intereactions which eventually result in the exchange of goods and money and any company or person that doesn’t re-define what they consider to be a market runs a very high risk of failure.

Consider the product and brand of Brittany WOMANIZER where many markets working together in order to determine success or failure.  Markets of industry opinion, news or rumour content, music and markets of communities that impact the success or failure of any product or brand.

Gone are the days where one buyer and one seller meet and exchange goods for money in one place, at one time and in one context.  This is true even when buying and selling on the web with a shopping basket and for those who need to know we work with to identify market success patterns and how to align buyers and sellers.



Marketing Poison “Our next release does more!”

Does your competition follow you around and say–‘we do that, that’s old news and it will be obsolete with our new release, next month’ ?

It sounds simple minded but this is an extremely effective marketing positioning technique and responding ‘sticks and stones’ will not lessen its effectiveness–it is Marketing Poison.  Your competition is attaching a poisonous story to your brand and if you don’t respond carefully with  a solid story behind your response you will lose the sale more often than not.  Worse than that the old client will be a standard bearer for the poisonous story to many others.  Consider this effective response to Marketing Poison:

1.  Ensure your products serve different Persona, not different Customers

2.  Synchronize your marketing stories to Personae served and your specific product values.

3.  Connect the dots between your company, your product and Personae that your serve.

Competitors will claim they provide the better value either today or ‘real soon now’ and only an educated customer will be able to cut through the Marketing Poison quickly and effectively.  To be even more effective at combating Marketing Poison find solid numbers to back up the your stories, though it is critical to remember that if you lead with numbers more often than not your competitor will find better numbers, I guarantee it.  The value of products can be determined, communicated and delivered to your customers with a simple tool called the Story Lens. Numbers are only one of five components, the others are story based.

One caveat, educating the customer around Persona and product value is an important part of marketing and selling BUT educating the customer as to why they need your product is poisonous and leads to my favourite quote–education KILLS…the teacher.  The difference is subtle but the result could be leathal.