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Two important distinctions help me measure things;

1.  Separation of people and work
2.  Craft is different than Art

My craft is finding and refining stories useful in creating personae employed in my art. 

Think of  personae as masks made of stories and worn or discarded by anyone at anytime.

Communicating or selling to the persona mask allows you to align your story to behaviours impartant to a mask wearer.

You might say I am a personae craftsman.

My art is storytelling applied to accelerated learning or wayfinding.

Like craft, stories and work are distinctly separate from people.

If this seems like splitting hairs consider two examples of how this may be applied in a practical way.

Note that here I tell the stories in reverse.

Marketing Story
Marketers have an odd way at looking at customers in that they label them and use the labels to approximate behaviours in order to direct messages and then products or services.

Yet people don’t seem to easily fit into labels, buckets or market segments and exhibit different behaviours of their own volition or time.  The crafting of persona masks permits us to understand their needs, quickly and simply.

The craft is creating the mask and then to permit people or customers according to Mad Men marketing labels to chose their persona or declare their preferred behaviours.

Why the focus on behaviours?  Products are meant to accelerate or reinforce behaviours.

The art is the use of a story lens.

A Story Lens
Stories have an interesting relationship with people and I’ve embraced this simple observation as a part of my craft; a story told twice is a process, told again it motivates the writing of software, told a forth time it stimulates brand value and told yet again it inspires measures.

A storyteller learns to listen to a story, re-tell it, modify it, create new stories and then live stories.

I’m interested to see the people value created by Hunch.

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