Stories are the core of behaviours and power market interactions and our collective futures.

To view the importance of stories look at children at play.  They are absorbed in a story and regardless of what happens they stay that way until a new story interupts them.

Observing and understanding market stories will help us understand where we are and create our future.


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  1. scenario2 says:

    there is an old Sufi saying that may apply here, or not…

    “Only a fool looks for a question and an answer in the same story.”

    Taking this back to the real world I have found that stories are much more effective if they are delivered so that the receiver can construct them according to their own perspectives.

    Unfortunately this means the most effective stories are not ‘linked to the real world’ but rather to the world of the receiver.

    The only person that can make this link is…the receiver. This is counter-intuitive but effective and for a different perspective look at No5 –> http://numerati.wordpress.com/2008/11/10/chanel-no5-and-knowing-the-future/

    I make no excuses, storytelling is not for the feint of heart. 🙂


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