Marketing Poison “Our next release does more!”

Does your competition follow you around and say–‘we do that, that’s old news and it will be obsolete with our new release, next month’ ?

It sounds simple minded but this is an extremely effective marketing positioning technique and responding ‘sticks and stones’ will not lessen its effectiveness–it is Marketing Poison.  Your competition is attaching a poisonous story to your brand and if you don’t respond carefully with  a solid story behind your response you will lose the sale more often than not.  Worse than that the old client will be a standard bearer for the poisonous story to many others.  Consider this effective response to Marketing Poison:

1.  Ensure your products serve different Persona, not different Customers

2.  Synchronize your marketing stories to Personae served and your specific product values.

3.  Connect the dots between your company, your product and Personae that your serve.

Competitors will claim they provide the better value either today or ‘real soon now’ and only an educated customer will be able to cut through the Marketing Poison quickly and effectively.  To be even more effective at combating Marketing Poison find solid numbers to back up the your stories, though it is critical to remember that if you lead with numbers more often than not your competitor will find better numbers, I guarantee it.  The value of products can be determined, communicated and delivered to your customers with a simple tool called the Story Lens. Numbers are only one of five components, the others are story based.

One caveat, educating the customer around Persona and product value is an important part of marketing and selling BUT educating the customer as to why they need your product is poisonous and leads to my favourite quote–education KILLS…the teacher.  The difference is subtle but the result could be leathal.




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