Persona Innovation & Creativity

Creativity and innovation are vogue right now as companies look for ways to weather the financial and economic storm and search for new ideas.  A Persona helps us start by understanding where we are and look at our old friends first.

1.  Build 2 Persona perspectives that reflect your best products and 2 that reflect market leading products.

2.  Identify the products and processes of the products your or your competitors are about to roll-out.

3.  Look at the 4 Personae and analyze if your company and customer expertise is close.

Why do we do this?

If the processes and stories served by the new producst, reflected by the 4 Personae, don’t match the expertise that we have today, then we must adjust.  This allows us to balance the product design or delivery or communication as we go to market.

Educating our own people is easier once we understand how their expertise compares with the demands of our customer Personae and the products we are about to deliver.




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