NeuroMarketing wins USA Election!

Neuromarketing as a concept is very old but has been brought to life in a new incarnation for the benefit of consultants selling their wares to motivated sellers, including politicians.  It is HOT, HOT, HOT.

In the old days they put Coke and Pepsi in two paper cups, asked someone to try both and say which they liked better.  Today they don’t believe the person but would rather stuff them in an MRI machine and determine which part of their brain is brighter to find out if they say what they really feel.

Last election did you see polsters nudging willing people into MRI machines, and what would they learn?

I am a storyteller and I know that many different stories can trigger the same response.  The stories can even be polar opposites like funny and sad.  How is this possible?  Pespective and measure provide an answer. 

Start with a perspective of a Persona or a mask made up of Stories and Processes.  Now let’s add a couple of extra elements–Software, Brand and Measure.  These five items are a tool I call the Story Lens.  Now consider than completely different stories may have different impacts across somebody’s Story Lens.  I am sure that it won’t take you much time to think of two stories in your life that cause the same reaction.

Jamming somebody into an MRI is being taken so seriously that Neuromarketing is being heavily promoted as a secret politcal weapon in the USA.

Gosh, I wish I had one of these when I was guessing the number of jelly beans in the jar.




The Great Depression 2.0

Is this The Great Depression 2.0? 

NO, times may be difficult but for the flexible opportunities could not be better.

Not everyone will get fired for one simple reason, without technologists and storytellers, companies fall.

People who are educated and have experience will survive, adapt and thrive.  People with skill in technology and specifically who know company stories and how technology interacts with people will do well.

Forward thinking companies are moving quickly to create new layers of Expertise and processes to accelerated Expertise Transfer.  We will highlight unique and simple tools to support Expertise Transfer and suggest you start by considering Persona and the Story Lens.



Neuromarketing Beast Cripples Detroit

THE DETROIT NEWS Monday January 6, 2003
“Your car is the message. So Sexy beats Utilitarian.”
… This is where the future of cars is going in America. More reptilian sexy cars and trucks, not more boring, fuel efficient small anonymous vehicles. Why? The reptilian always wins.”

Does this sound like Neuromarketing?

Just like Detroit, some Neuromarketers seek ways to stimulate the Reptilian brain to make a person buy. The Japanese marketers, unlike the Detroit marketers, countered with a little bit of Reptilian and a lot of quality for the price.

Guess who won?
The Detroit three are looking for cash and a way out of commercial and social contracts.

Is Neuromarketing to blame?
Neuromarketing is measurement technique and like most measures it is backward facing. Neuromarketing looks at the past and assumes that it will repeat. It might have been used effectively to complement quality as it was used by the Japanese.

We can explore positive ways to explore and employ Neuromarketing here.



Persona Innovation & Creativity

Creativity and innovation are vogue right now as companies look for ways to weather the financial and economic storm and search for new ideas.  A Persona helps us start by understanding where we are and look at our old friends first.

1.  Build 2 Persona perspectives that reflect your best products and 2 that reflect market leading products.

2.  Identify the products and processes of the products your or your competitors are about to roll-out.

3.  Look at the 4 Personae and analyze if your company and customer expertise is close.

Why do we do this?

If the processes and stories served by the new producst, reflected by the 4 Personae, don’t match the expertise that we have today, then we must adjust.  This allows us to balance the product design or delivery or communication as we go to market.

Educating our own people is easier once we understand how their expertise compares with the demands of our customer Personae and the products we are about to deliver.



A White Horse, a Persona and a Voice studio.

Webinar Shows Marketers How to Beat a Bearish Economy through Social Media

Have a look at White Horse as it has the capability to educate very quickly with their Voice studio.  This combined with their customers and use of Personae makes them standout in a field of me-too Persona practitioners.

We have about seven months left of winter so I thought I would suggest a different perspective on Personae, combine them with Scenarios and as if that is not enough, substitue the product in the equation with expertise, and for the cheese in the Poutine…reverse the flow from the Persona to people.

Start with a Persona mask made up of stories and behaviours combined with the recognition that we wear many masks during the day. Oddly enough the higher you are in an enterprise the higher the probability that you may wear more that one Persona at a time–the probabalistic persona

Moving on to Scenarios my contribution is the concept of starting with the stories that underlie and financial forecast. Once these stories are linked to the processes served by the products that serve Personae behaviour we have gone beyond Persona Marketing to Persona Guided Scenarios–I call them PIGS.

I have taught Strategies for a Web Presence at the University of Toronto from a distinctly unique Persona perspective and know this is the right time to raise the bar from calling market segment lables with a little behaviour twist a persona.

After all it's the people behind a Persona that we serve and a Persona helps us stretch our attention and resources to do this to the best of our capability.

Ooops, I almost forgot the highlight Personae, creativity and innovation.
Creativity only leads to innovation if it is supported by processes and those processes can be blended into the larger process stream of a company and its value stream.  This is sometimes easy, usually difficult even if all of the supporting processes are in place.  In other words everybody has to know what to do, how to do and work together to manifest the creative idea and innovate.
But what if the idea(s) that we need to innovate require a different set of skills?
Now comes the Persona connection. 
Work backward in a Scenario where the product has been manifested and determine which Persona stories and behaviours it serves. 
Next work backwards to the expertise that is required to deliver the product and eductate the customer and their value stream in its beneficial use. 
Next build a Persona from the behaviours and stories that we have have inferred and based on the outcome that we desire from the new product.
Finally we compare the Persona expertise to people in the company and determine the training required to acquire the missing Persona expertise.

Combine Persona, Scenarios with Stories

Stories are the fuel that drive life and insight to where we are going is gained from understanding where we are and the stories that we can use to move forward.  Start with the Story Lens which will provide some context to working with stories and regardless whether you are a numbers person where numbers are the manifestation of stories or a story person you can benefit from understanding Personae and Scenarios.

Scenarios are groups of stories.  For numbers people stories are the numbers underneath financial forecasts and the core of the explanation of accounting variances.  For storytellers a scenario is a bucket of stories, not a workflow, interaction flow or even worse, sensitivity analysis.  Google Pierre Wack and SHELL and you will get the history of scenarios and why they are a little known tool. 

Now consider a persona mask that people wear or remove as needed, typically on stage, where each mask represents a group of stories and behaviours attributed to the wearer of the mask.

Stories are the common link between Scenarios and Persona.  Combining both provides a simple, clear and effective way to prepare for the future.  For those who want more and richer detail see the No 5 post.




Neuroscience Marketing–does neuromarketing matter?

In the Minority Report with Tom Cruise advertising billboards talk directly to the brain and Buy-ology attempts to make you believe that MRI scanners can reveal the true feelings of people, not what they say, but what they truly feel.

What does this mean?  Well, in my view, old wine in new bottles.

GSK sponsored a survey done by BUYOLOGY that attempts to connect the excitement in the brain after it is stimulated with messages, scents and sounds in an attempt to determine how a person perceives a message.  One of the ‘stunning’ findings is that when there are different, congruent and simultaneous stimuli people will remember messages compared to almost no memory of traditional advertising.

Ho hum.  This is simply not as advanced as the findings a couple of thousand years ago by different cultures around the world. 




Naked Marketers, Does Marketing Matter?

Naked Marketers and Short Sellers.

Marketers, like shrewd brokers aim to profit in buyer or seller markets by crafting models that claim to show sellers how to succeed in their markets while providing buyers comfort in their choices.

When marketers start offering services designed to justify fees rather than add value they behave like the brokers pushing the financial instruments that caused the market crash and the rise of Google has outed them like the intinerant pauper who shouted down the Emperor with no clothes.

Short Sellers, even if naked, sell something they don’t own and perform a service. Marketers may soon be envious if their clients start to echo the question, “Does marketing matter?”



Persona Behaviour Predicts Markets

At the core of any market is the people that gather there and understanding how they might behave allows us to serve them successfully.  How can this be done given the turmoil in the markets today?

Stories are at the core of any behaviour and also link people to markets.

We explore the behaviour of people with Persona Behaviour analysis and for those who are interested in navigating web sites or enterprise analysis the use of Wireframes is a simple and effective tool.

In the end we link buyer behaviours to seller offers and this is done by aligning the stories of buyers to the stories of sellers.  Once this is done we wait and our success is determined by our ability to serve.  Service preceeds transactions which then fulfills behaviour predictions–sounds simplistic, but it works!



“Let the Music take you!” Music meets touch to power Personae

Multi-touch, like the Apple iPhone or iPod is a cool innovation and here is a $5 – $50 version! 

Imagine linking music samples to words, number or Personae so that when you navigate a site or document the ‘music takes you’ to where you want to go!

Scenario2 has an illustration of a wireframe concept which links Persona Behaviour to web page content.  Now link music samples to word, number and Persona behaviour and you have a concert as you surf!