Avoid Marketing’s ‘un-natural act’ !

Do you wonder why marketers are asked to poll customers to understand what and why they bought yesterday?  Did we not talk to our customers before, during and after they bought? 

Accountants and computer systems are to blame as they strip ‘market stories’ from transactions creating a lucrative profession of oracles or worse.

Stories are the missing link now connecting stories to hundreds, thousands or millions of transaction is the challenge that has been somehow avoided by creation of another myth, CRM systems.

Getting beyond the layers software and models that stand between you and your future customer is the challenge and the simple link between stories and numbers can help you considerably.

Consider this tool or what I call the ‘Story Mantra’–

Tell a story twice and it becomes a process.  Tell a story a third time and someone writes software to accelerate the pocess.  The fourth time a story is told creates brand value and told a fifth time motivates the creation of a tool to measure its effectiveness.

Keep your eye on the ‘Story Mantra’ and you will know why your customer bought from you and the impact that your competitors, partners and suppliers have on your future.

For those that consider this view puffery or worse consider that it is the articulation of my experience in North America and Europe and acquired in serving ERP and Business Intelligence clients over the past 20 years.  While this may appease some readers others may require future proof and with this in mind I direct them to www.kikm.org where my work with stories and the creation of value with knowledge auras is recognized by Bryan Davis.

How will stories help you?  Not in any way, directly.  Understanding stories helps orient you and align what you offer to what your customers buy, today or in the future.  This is done simply by understanding your ‘Story Mantra’ and that of your customers or others in your market or value stream.  See www.scenario2.com

Future Posts–stories and aura value, stories are the atomic elements of sceanrios